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Mission Statement
To feed our diverse communities with the highest quality fresh and unique products at a great value.
Our Values
Have you thought freshness? Know that has been a focus of the Gentile family and Palumbo since forever.
Our Values
Have you thought freshness? Know that has been a focus of the Gentile family and Palumbo since forever.

The Gentile brothers insist on a wide variety of fresh quality products at more than competitive prices. "We serve local communities in each of our stores with great respect for their eating habits and taste for distinct products. This also includes how our butchers cut meat. It's the same piece of meat, but the cut is very important and differs for each of the communities we welcome."

Adapted service… This also explains the great diversity of specialty products. From one Palumbo grocery store to another, many foods and items vary primarily to meet the needs of the community's customer base. Some neighborhoods are characterized by their strong Italian population, others are more Mediterranean, and others are multiethnic. L'intermarché Palumbo adapts and learns to know people.

Partnerships…Our insistence on quality, freshness, and product diversity is only possible through our win-win partnerships with our local and international suppliers. We work closely with our suppliers to customize our strategies to produce positive results.

Teamwork... It all comes together because of our amazing team. We continually work to promote team member growth and happiness. We are more than colleagues, we are family, a family who help each other to prosper. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Our Signature
Homemade sausage

In addition to the international variety of fresh produce and perishables, another of our distinguishing products is our homemade sausage.

Our sausages are made fresh daily at all our stores. In addition to the indisputable tastiness and quality, we can proudly say that our sausages are not made with any preservatives or artificial flavoring. We follow the sausage-making traditions of our Italian heritage.

Variety at exceptional value

Everything for everyone: Delights of international products, cheeses, charcuterie, and produce; Variety of meats and fish; Delicious ready-to-eat meals...

You will find everything to prepare a delicious family dinner or an exquisite gourmet meal.

Our community mission

To carry a huge assortment of products, fruits and vegetables, deli meats and cheese, meat, non-perishables, and more, always fresh and always at competitive prices.

We deal with small importers and that is really what makes us unique. We did that for our customers in 1973 and continue to do it today. We use the same formula today to get those products that make the members of our community feel like they're back home. We greatly respect our customers tastes and eating habits and strive to provide them with everything they need.